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PlateGrouping3PlateGrouping2_sidePlateGrouping1I’m super excited to offer you a sneak peek at some of our spring collection in The Beloved Shop! We’re diligently working to get everything into our shop so stay tuned for our official spring launch later this week!


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Our New Year’s Card!

My husband always gets onto me about how as a stationery designer, I  never gets my act together to send out Christmas cards in time. I’ve made it a couple of times, but this year with the shop being  so busy (what a great problem to have!) and with our lateness to take some pictures worth sending, it didn’t look like it was going to happen. Well thank goodness for the resurgence and acceptability of ‘The New Years Card’! HainesNewYearCard1


{ photography by our friend Brayan from FlipSide Photography }

I used a couple of elements from my holiday collection to design our card. On the back I wanted to provide an update of our lives in a fun way, so an infographic was born! All of our 2013 travels, milestones and highlights were listed and I couldn’t leave out my two pups! I love how it’s turned out, and the one good thing about sending your cards out after Christmas? You’re totally one of the only ones, so you get a little bit of spotlight in your friends house for a brief second. Maybe I should start designing my 2014 Christmas cards now, just to be sure…

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Knoxville Pink Bridal Show Inspiration

While we decided not to join our vendor friends at the Knoxville Pink Bridal Show this year, we were delighted when Allison from Live, Laugh, Love Weddings asked us to participate in her Inspiration Booth. We love the feminine glamour inspiration and especially love the touches of gold glitter and clear lucite! We provided invitations, place cards and menu cards that doubled as wedding tips for all the brides-to-be!knoxville-pink-bridal-show-winter-2014-13 knoxville-pink-bridal-show-winter-2014-12

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Accept and Let Go.


Less=MoreI watched the Golden Globes last night, although not super impressive (except for Amy and Tina, they can do no wrong), there was a moment that stood out for me.  When Amy Adams won for her work in American Hustle, she went through her list of gratitude and at the end came to her daughter. She simply stated “My daughter Aviana who’s not old enough to understand this – but I love you so much … thank you for teaching me to accept joy and let go of fear.” That is a little nugget of simple wisdom but it’s so true. It’s hard because fear just freezes you sometimes, or at least it does to me. And I’m not talking the kind of fear when you find a spider crawling up your arm while you’re driving (That is pure terror people!). I’m talking the fear to take the next step. The fear to challenge yourself, to succeed or to let your self fail, the fear that gets in the way of the joy. It was a beautiful reminder and I’m so glad that she put it out there.  Does fear get in the way of your joy?


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The Year of Less.


2013 was good. Heck, it might have been great. But I really feel like it was muddied and slowed by the muck and the mud of ‘More’. More Things, more wants, More of stuff we don’t need and don’t matter.

But get excited. It’s a new year. A new chance to start fresh. A new 365 days to fill with whatever you want. And guess what. I want less.


Less House, so I can have more Home.

Less Phone, so I can read more Books.

Less Clutter, so I can create more Organization.

Less TV, so I can make more Memories.

Less Self, so I can show more Love.


Seems easy to say, but it’s hard. Six days into the new year and I’ve already wandered the internets, watched the commercials and hung out with friends and the wants of more have started to creep in.


But my prayer for 2014 is contentment and I’m excited to see where this year will lead me. Because the reason I want less so I can gain more of what God wants of me.


What’s your prayer this year?




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Cyber Monday, Last Day to Save!



It’s Cyber Monday, so that means its the last day to Save 25% Off on any and everything in our shop! This includes our 2013 Holiday Card Collection, Personalized Stationery, Monogrammed Lucite Trays, our 2014 Desktop Calendar, Note Pads and Journals and even our most popular Wooden Drink Stirrers! Be Sure to Visit The Beloved Shop today! Sale ends at Midnight! Click HERE to Shop!

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Be Bright & Merry! 25% Off The Beloved Shop!



click HERE to shop!

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Our 2013 Holiday Cards are here!

I’m so excited to come out of my radio silence to share with you my new holiday designs. I have a lot to share about what’s been going on behind the scenes, including new products I’ve been working on, plus the details of a life changing workshop I attended this summer. But until then, please enjoy these beauties. They can be purchased on my etsy site, The Beloved Shop. And stay tuned!



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Twist Paper at NSS


So you may not be aware, but I am one half of the Twist Paper design team (the other half being the Ahhhmazingly talented and fabulous Emily McCarthy of Emma J Designs).  Twist is the most southern, bold, modern and chic imprintable invitation and stationery line out there. We take inspirations from top fashion, decor and southern traditions! It is such a joy to work on these designs and to see them come to life is such an accomplishment.

Next week we will be displaying out newest collection at the National Stationery Show. (the super bowl of paper and design) Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend, but Emily will be there, so if you’re around please stop by to say hi! Twist will be part of the Stationery Academy booth (no. 2630) with 5 other talented designers and their brands!


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Be True Designs on Green Wedding Shoes!

Have you ever had that person that you didn’t know in person, but maybe you follow them on Instagram or Facebook and you kind of feel like you’re kindred spirits? Well I do! My kindred spirit is the amazing Morgan Trinker of Morgan Trinker Photography out of Birmingham, Alabama. Not only do we have the same affection for the color green but we believe that queen Kate can do no wrong! When Morgan asked if I would like to participate in an amazing St. Patrick’s Day inspiration shoot, I jumped up and down and did a little jig, but then she told me the actual inspiration and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! For this shoot Irish traditions and lucky charms were highlighted. I played with some hand lettering for the invitations and used the emerald and gold palette throughout. I hope that you’ll check out the rest of this amazing shoot that has been featured on Green Wedding Shoes today!

Click here to see the feature or Morgan’s blog to see all the beautiful images from that day.



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