2013 was good. Heck, it might have been great. But I really feel like it was muddied and slowed by the muck and the mud of ‘More’. More Things, more wants, More of stuff we don’t need and don’t matter.

But get excited. It’s a new year. A new chance to start fresh. A new 365 days to fill with whatever you want. And guess what. I want less.


Less House, so I can have more Home.

Less Phone, so I can read more Books.

Less Clutter, so I can create more Organization.

Less TV, so I can make more Memories.

Less Self, so I can show more Love.


Seems easy to say, but it’s hard. Six days into the new year and I’ve already wandered the internets, watched the commercials and hung out with friends and the wants of more have started to creep in.


But my prayer for 2014 is contentment and I’m excited to see where this year will lead me. Because the reason I want less so I can gain more of what God wants of me.


What’s your prayer this year?