Well it’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally revealing my new logo and branding! I tell you what, being a designer and coming up with your own brand could quite possibly be the hardest thing ever! Thankfully I have a few good designer friends who gave me some support in my design decisions.
So let me explain. It wasn’t that my previous branding was bad, in fact I liked it. I just felt earlier this year that it wasn’t really a representation of me. I do like the fun, bright colors but my heart flutters for more of a bold and eccentric palette. I wanted my brand to depict my own style – classic, colorful, glamorous,  southern, playful and chic. That’s a tall order to show in a logo! So I started with a brand board, of images that I love. From there I focused on the color palette, keeping the green that I originally had, but making it a bit more mature.
And then boom!! the new Be True Designs logo and coordinating branding was born. I hope that you like it, but honestly, I love it and feel its a great representation of me and my design style, so that’s what matters most.
In the near future you’ll see new packaging, website, blog, online shop and even a complete redo of my studio/office (with the help of the fab girls of Poplin & Queen).
So raise your glass (or celebratory cupcake) – Here’s to the new Be True Designs!